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McLean House offers unique indoor and outdoor venues with all the amenities you need for a beautiful wedding experience or a successful corporate event or social gathering.

We invite you to take a virtual visit online, set an appointment to see the setting in person, and then choose this beautiful venue to celebrate your special wedding day, corporate event or social gathering.

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Know Your Willamette

2195581704_16fe21a4b1One of McLean House’s most exciting features is its proximity to the beautiful Willamette River, which runs through the heart of Portland and West Linn, Portland’s southern neighbor. Often our guests are new to Oregon; they will have traveled across state lines to enjoy a wedding on the historic McLean House grounds or to enjoy our gardens, and when they do– questions invariably arise about our beloved landmark, the Willamette River.

In fact, even many natives to Oregon have yet to be introduced to the rich history of this unique natural resource! So why not talk a little bit about our West Linn historic property’s nearest natural neighbor?

Where it came from  

Like other natural landmarks, the Willamette River’s shape and drainage has changed with the movement of tectonic plates over the past 35 million years or so. However, its most recent renovations probably took place during the Missoula Floods, which occurred at the tail end of our last ice age and are responsible for shaping quite a bit of eastern Oregon and Washington as well.

The Willamette is a tributary of the Columbia River (the river along Oregon’s northern border with Washington.) It flows north, toward the Columbia, between two mountain ranges: the Oregon Coast Range, and the Cascade Range. The Willamette Valley lies between these two ranges, a fertile and beautiful area that it is home to over two thirds of Oregon’s population.

Home to many

The beauty and fertility of the Willamette Valley has attracted people for years– in fact, for thousands of years. Long before explorers and settlers originating from Western Europe ever set foot near the Willamette River, indigenous people lived and thrived in this special area of the world.

Many different groups of people lived in the Willamette Valley before settlers, and their names are still in use today: Chinook, Clackamas, Yamhill, and even the name of the river itself originated from the valley’s first inhabitants.

Because of the biodiversity and richness of the land, indigenous people in the Willamette Valley practiced a variety of ways to make a living: some fished for salmon, others hunted, and still others farmed. Some groups were mobile, moving from place to place, and others set up shop with log houses and sturdy dwellings.

Electricity, transport, and business

After settlers arrived, the river began to be used for other purposes. When newcomers were still arriving to Oregon via the Oregon Trail, the Willamette River served as an important transportation route. And later, after cities and towns were springing to life, the river continued to be a major resource for trading vessels.

Soon after this, dams began to be built on the river to create hydro-electricity as well as to begin to control the river’s flooding patterns for the benefit of the humans living in close proximity to it. In addition, fisheries and other businesses that utilized the river’s wildlife began to take off.

The McLean House and the Willamette

When the McLean’s built their home in 1927, they chose the banks of the Willamette River for its timeless beauty. Now guests of the McLean House get to enjoy two historic treasures when they visit our property: the McLean grounds, and the Willamette!

At the McLean House, your special event will stand out. Contact us today and to learn more!


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Plan Your Winter Event With Us

7341061246_f117fbe72eAfter the flurry of holiday parties, vacations, and visitors, few of us can imagine that the rest of the year could match such festivities. But at the McLean house, a year-round event venue in West Linn OR, many of our visitors choose to brighten their January or February with an event on beautiful historic property.


“I do” has been said a lot on the McLean house grounds, and winter is no exception. Our elegant indoor event location is the perfect backdrop for an intimate ceremony and reception. Included in the event location is a spacious bridal suite for the bride to prepare pre-ceremony, as well as a groom’s room. Our kitchen is well-equipped and ready for any caterer of your selection. Plan your and timeless winter wedding with us at the McLean house!


Make it a once-in-a-lifetime occasion in our beautiful home with the warmth of a historical backdrop to enrich your special day! Popular celebrations that our courteous and helpful staff often assist with are significant birthdays and anniversaries; do your parents have a golden anniversary in the near future? Is there a special grandparent, aunt, or uncle turning 80 years young? Delight them with cozy festivities in a location that cherishes long years– the McLean house is the perfect place to celebrate aging with grace and beauty!

Work gatherings

During the long winter months, meetings held in window-less offices can certainly eat at the soul. Surprise your staff with a lightly catered afternoon meeting or weekend event in a gorgeous historical setting. The change of pace is sure to encourage all the creative thinkers in your group, and everyone will benefit from the refreshing new point of view that the McLean house offers!

Family Events

Do you have family coming into town? An afternoon tea at the McLean house is a wonderful way to welcome them, and show off some timeless West Linn charm. Perhaps an entire family reunion? Rent our venue and reconnect with loved ones in style and grace in our beautiful and pristine setting.

Senior Photos

Send your senior off in style with a classic photo shoot against the elegant McLean house backdrop. Our grounds offer flawless greenery, floral beauty, and for the foresters out there– beautiful sequias that are the pride of Northwest Natives. Indoors our glossy hardwoods and impeccable turn-of-the-century decor will compliment your soon-to-be high school graduate as no other venue can!

Do you have an event coming up?

We’re eager to help make it special at the McLean house. For an elegant setting with the richness of history, look no further than our event venue in West Linn OR– and create memories to last a lifetime.

Please contact us to learn more; we look forward to making your day special!

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McLean House and Park Unveils Historical Sign

Historical Signb

Photo Aug 23, 9 58 23 AM

Mike Watters of the Mclean House and Leah Desatoff, the sign art designer, celebrate the completion of the sign project.

We’re excited about our new outdoor interpretive historical sign, and we would like your feedback!

The Friends of McLean Park and House received a grant from the Clackamas County Tourism and Cultural Affairs and the City of West Linn’s Community Partnership Program to fund a project called “Know Thy Park.” The grant allowed us to create an historically interpretive outdoor sign that will add understanding and depth to the public’s experience of our beloved McLean House and Park. The sign was designed by McLean House volunteer Leah Desatoff, and the historical content comes from the Friends.

For decades, the McLean House and Park has been a valuable piece of West Linn’s history. Visitors and community members have discovered the wonder of the city-owned McLean House and Park. Many come to see the rose garden once tended by Anne McLean and now by neighboring volunteers. Visitors can see flowers in bloom, a variety of trees and plants, and sense the awe of the outstanding giant sequoia and bay trees.

What do you think? Please let us know!

Photo Aug 23, 9 50 57 AM

West Linn’s Mayor John Kovash helped reveal the sign.

This is where you come in. We would like to receive your thoughts and feedback about the new historical, interpretive sign. Does the information on the sign give you an understanding of the history of the area? Also, let us know what you would like to see in the McLean Park. Ideas such as:  more memorial benches, greater description of the flora etc. Your thoughts will help us make the park a greater place to visit in the future.  There is a comment form at the very bottom of this page.

Click here to view a larger version of the sign.

Together with the city of West Linn, Mt Hood Tourism, and the Friends of McLean House are very excited about our newest endeavor to share the experience of our local history with our visitors. Please write your comments below to let us know your thoughts.

Our sincere appreciation in advance.

~The Friends of McLean Park and House

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